5 July 2017


Despite the tumbleweed proliferation around here, Alexi Conman is still a thing. He has been scripting comics. They have been being drawn by excellent artists.

And so it is that (like buses?) you wait for ages for an Alexi Conman comic to come along, and then four (!) come at once - all in the latest astounding issue of SF comic anthology FutureQuake!

Cover by Romain Brun & Julien Brun

FutureQuake 2017 is a bumper 100-page beast, chock-full of quality comics stories, and well worth £6.50 of your Earth-money. The four stories within it that Alexi scripted are:

From Tiny Acorns - Art by Richard Waugh, Letters by Bolt-01
An endeavour to spin a yarn at breakneck pace. Scientists develop a miracle crop, it (of course) gets out of control, it wipes out the human race, takes over the planet and gains sentience - in the first three panels. Things then get weird.

A Week - Art by Sketchy Magpie, Letters by Bolt-01
Pretty high-brow stuff this, riffing on two of Western culture's most venerated cultural icons: Shakespeare (the seven ages of man) and Jean-Claude Van Damme (Universal Soldier).

Turing's Prisoner - Art & Letters by Bolt-01, Greytones by Barry Renshaw
A slightly experimental piece this, both conceptually (investigating a novel spin on 'the Turing test'), and formally (the whole story is a guy talking to a door!). Alexi genuinely hopes it raises a few moral conundrums.

Action & Consequence - Art by Scott Twells, Colour by Owen Watts, Letters by Bolt-01
Daft one-pager, contrasting rumination on free will with punching monsters. We've all been there, right?

Alexi thinks all the artists did absolutely fantastic jobs - all of his stories were quite tricky in their own ways. He's also mightily impressed with the range and quality of all the stories in the anthology, and is certain that you'd enjoy it if you were to purchase it.

FutureQuake 2017 is available from the FutureQuake Press shop.

12 November 2015

A Slippery Slope

New comic alert! New comic alert!

Do you know which comics character was the first to become widely popular, appearing repeatedly in a wide range of stories, followed by a vast loyal readership, inspiring all kinds of official (and unofficial) merchandise and spin-offs?

- If so, Alexi recommends this comic as just the kind of thing that someone with your knowledge of comics history would enjoy.

- If not, Alexi recommends this comic as just the kind of thing that you'll find educational and entertaining as you expand your knowledge of comics history.

Scripted by Alexi Conman, with art by Terry WileyThe Sloper Gradient (or: the story of the world's first sequential art superstar and a potted history of the birth of comics) is a short but intricately constructed comic that... well, tells the story of the world's first sequential art superstar and whisks the reader through a history of the birth of the comics medium.

This is probably the most adventurously-structured comic that Alexi has scripted, so it was incredibly fortunate that an artist as sharp and adaptable as Terry came on board to turn the barely comprehensible plans into reality. If you haven't read Terry's genre-defying work (like VerityFair and Sleaze Castle), Alexi urges you to at your earliest convenience - it's funny, human, charming, splendid stuff.

The comic can be obtained from Alexi or Terry (who will both be around and about at Thought Bubble festival this weekend).

27 February 2015

Partly Partners

As recently mentioned, Alexi has the cover story in the new FutureQuake #26. But that's not all - check out the Mark Harrison cover to the latest issue of FQP's 2000AD fan-comic, Zarjaz #23 (also out on 1st March):

AND guess whose story that is.... well, okay, that one's actually not Alexi's. But it looks pretty cool, right? And Alexi DOES have a splendid story that should be appearing within those pages - 'Partners', art by Roland Bird and lettering by Bolt-01, a story about being a judge on the mean streets of the Big Meg and how you deal with who's got your back. Maybe like Brief Encounter with more plasma cannons ... or not.

Alexi would like to point out that you can purchase this fine comic online or from FutureQuake Press' table at all good comics events.