20 February 2009

Con Report: Hi-Ex 2009

Alexi Conman has taken to going to UK comic conventions. He felt his name kind of forced him into it, but fortunately all the cons he's been to so far have all been great.

He thought maybe he should write some brief reviews. They'll mostly just be him saying "went here, it was awesome" but hey, it's worth saying.

Latest was Hi-Ex - the Highland Expo up in Inverness. It was lovely. Slightly smaller than some of the other UK cons, and perhaps partly because of that (although moreso because of the excellent people organising it), it had a really welcoming and inclusive vibe.

Some great panel discussions (Politics and Religion was predictably fiery), workshops (Alexi picked up a few tips from the wise duo of Al Ewing and Ferg Handley) and a charity auction (which Alexi chickened out of bidding in) made for a thoroughly enjoyable programme. Alexi would go again.

17 February 2009

The story so far: Alexei Conman in Popgun Volume 2

Alexi Conman has also been known as Alexei Conman. As Alexei Conman, he scripted a one page story (with art by the awesome Ronald Salas, lettering by the also awesome Fonografiks) that appeared in the totally awesome anthology Popgun: Volume 2 from Image Comics.

It's a whopping 470 pages of full colour loveliness with a stellar contributor list, it came out around September 2008 and you can get it now from all good comic shops, online booksellers and mystical travelling peddlers. Awesome!

Whilst he just sneaked into it with a one page filler, it was still cool to appear in a publication alongside some very big names in comics (and some names that whilst maybe not quite so big at the moment, seem likely to be very large in the near future).

If Alexi (or indeed, Alexei) was less of a technological cretin, he'd include a bunch of links to encourage you to check out just how awesome it is, but hey, you know how to use a computer, go and check it out for yourself.

The story so far: non-comics stuff

This blog is mainly going to deal with Alexi Conman's writing for sequential art, but before this gets properly started, he'd also like to mention that he has been known to dabble in other media.

Other stuff he has written includes several short film scripts that got selected for funding (which he went on to direct) and an award-winning short story.

He hopes to continue meddling in prose and film, but claims comics are his favourite medium.