17 June 2009

For your consideration

You want an awesome comic anthology about the Wild West? Well, why don't you order Accent UK's Western anthology, diamond order code JUN090671 ? Alexi Conman guarantees* that you will enjoy it!

You want an awesome comic anthology about choices? Well, why don't you order Insomnia Publications' Choices anthology, available from Amazon? Alexi Conman guarantees* that you will enjoy it!

* - not legally binding, but hey, he thinks it is at least very probable that you will enjoy it. Maybe you might not be in the mood for comics, maybe you cannot read, maybe you are afraid of paper, these are all possibilities that would increase the likelihood of you not enjoying these fine publications, thus making the bold statement of a guarantee of enjoyment a total folly. However, 'very probable', yes, that is more reasonable. Anyway, buy them.

4 June 2009

Alexi Conman... Draws?

Although Alexi Conman intends that this blog be focused on his comics scriptwriting endeavours, he feels compelled to mention some other related activity which occurred recently.

For Alexi, being in the process of developing unstoppable scriptwriting mad skillz of thunderous prowess is not enough! He is also occasionally developing shambolic drawing crap skillz of inept mediocrity - and some of the products of which feature in the otherwise excellent small press anthologies of the Paper Jam Comics Collective.

They recently released their fifth anthology (Robots... And That) and celebrated with an awesome launch party, with bands, films and cake. There's some real talent in the group (see the very cool flyer design above, by Bainbridge and Waugh), and giant leaps forward are being made with each release. Marvel and DC will be in their sights soon!

In other slightly off-topic news, some of Alexi's short films are looking like getting screened at various places, including at the Glastonbury Festival. Woop!