6 April 2011

An arachnid and fatties

A couple of stories written by Alexi Conman will be hitting print relatively soon.

First up, in Accent UK's latest anthology, Predators, is 'Spider', a five-pager brilliantly drawn by Crispian Woolford (see a sample of his line art for the story here). Alexi describes it as a little kind of meditation on motivation in relation to predation - because he is a bit pretentious.

Next, hitting the world in an issue of top 2000AD fanzine comic Zarjaz, is 'Fat Chancers', a daft two-page 'Tales of Mega-City One' story inspired by some jokey suggestions from the editor at a post-convention night out which Alexi took seriously (he is serious about all things!). A little more info and a sample of the fantastic art by Luis Chichon is here.

Alexi predictably urges everyone to keep a keen eye out for these fine publications.