1 February 2012

Bayou'd be mad to miss it

Another project that Alexi Conman has contributed to that should see publication later this year is Bayou Arcana (Volume 1: Songs of Loss and Redemption), edited by Jimmy Pearson and published by Markosia.

Bayou Arcana is a 'southern gothic' fantasy/horror anthology of linked short stories (each with a different creative team) about a magical swamp and the community of escaped slaves who've made their home there. To make the structure even more complex, the creative teams are all made up of male writers and female artists to hopefully give the book an interesting and balanced artistic dynamic.

Alexi scripted a story called 'Tohopka', about a half-Hopi emotionally-repressed bounty hunter of that name, who sets out to capture the escaped slaves. Alexi is very pleased that the story is being drawn by Vicky Stonebridge, who has a really vibrant art style with a genuine sense of magic that will suit the book perfectly. With a host of other great talent involved, the book is sure to be a winner and Alexi is very much looking forward to seeing it complete.

For more info (including ordering options), Alexi urges you to visit the Markosia website.