27 February 2015

Part of the flock

FutureQuake #26 is out on 1st March. Get a load of this:

Nice Matt Soffe cover, eh? And guess what? That's Alexi Conman's story that!

Yes, the longest-running/coolest/bestest UK small-press SF anthology comic is leading an issue with 'The Shepherd' scripted by Alexi. It's a tale of loneliness and job disillusionment and aliens. The stunning interior art is by Xia Moua...

... and it's lettered by Bolt-01. Plus the comic will no doubt be chock-full of other great stuff.

Alexi urges you to consider purchasing this fine publication (after 1st March): order it online, or pick it up at any of the many comic events that the splendid chaps of FutureQuake Press will be attending over the forthcoming months.