27 February 2015

Partly Partners

As recently mentioned, Alexi has the cover story in the new FutureQuake #26. But that's not all - check out the Mark Harrison cover to the latest issue of FQP's 2000AD fan-comic, Zarjaz #23 (also out on 1st March):

AND guess whose story that is.... well, okay, that one's actually not Alexi's. But it looks pretty cool, right? And Alexi DOES have a splendid story that should be appearing within those pages - 'Partners', art by Roland Bird and lettering by Bolt-01, a story about being a judge on the mean streets of the Big Meg and how you deal with who's got your back. Maybe like Brief Encounter with more plasma cannons ... or not.

Alexi would like to point out that you can purchase this fine comic online or from FutureQuake Press' table at all good comics events.