14 August 2022

Creatives Creating Comics In The UK

It was a little over a year ago that the UK comics scene lost one of its great unsung heroes, Dave Evans. The encouragement that he provided to so many aspiring writers and artists was immense, and he left a huge gap in the UK comic-making environment. Whilst Dave could never be replaced, the Discord server 'Comic Creatives UK' - started in January 2022, inspired by Dave's ethos - has proven a really supportive new place for UK comic creators to chat, support each other and share tips. Now, thanks to the efforts of CCUK moderators/editors Owen Watts and Lady Geoffery, there's a fantastic anthology made by the creators from the Discord! And you can read it free!

(cover by Winston Chan)

Alexi scripted two stories in this fine publication: 'Another Mystery Solved' is a daft Sherlock Holmes spoof, art by Craig Munro...

and 'Rules As Written' is a D&D-inspired horror tale, with art by HesitantDoodle and Orphicdusk...

Alexi was delighted to work with such talented artists - and those collaborations only occurred thanks to the existence of the Discord and the community that has developed there. There's a load of tremendous comic stories in the anthology, so why wait - go and check it out now! Read it on Tapas, Webtoons or download as PDF from Itch.io

FURTHERMORE, if you're into making comics, and particularly if you're based in the UK, then do check out the CCUK community - it's friendly and supportive and they're already starting to plan the next anthology, so get involved!


In other news, Alexi was delighted to get his grubby mitts on 'tarot puzzletale' The Light In The Mist by Rita 'PostCurious' Orlov and Jack Fallows - a unique narrative puzzle experience based around an ingenious tarot deck. Alexi had provided some playtesting and (a very small amount of) narrative/structure input during the development of this incredible project, and seeing the finished thing, looking so cool and full of amazing puzzles was a delight. The kickstarter has finished, but if you like puzzles, you may still be able to get a copy of this wonder from the link above.