23 August 2021

Guards At The Nexus Of All Worlds

Having dabbled in boardgame design and creating narrative-led puzzles, and having played and enjoyed RPGs, and being fond of a creative challenge with just the right amount of limitations, Alexi decided to take part in One-Page RPG Jam 2021.

The theme of the jam was 'borders', which prompted Alexi to develop a game inspired by Planescape D&D setting, and other settings like this, where worlds are metaphysically connected by portals of some type, allowing travel between very different worlds.

Guards At The Nexus of All Worlds was the result. It plays really quickly, no messing about with stats or a GM, but there is structure to it; in some ways, it's a sort of improv party game (with elements reminiscent of Taboo and Whose Line Is It Anyway?). You can read more about it and download it for free over on Alexi's itch.io page.

There are loads of really interesting little games in the jam, very much having a look through them all.