11 November 2012

Connecting with Disconnected

Alexi has been working on a story in the upcoming anthology Disconnected Vol. 2 from the excellent people at Disconnected Press. His story is called 'Plans' and has fabulous art by Nadine Ashworth.

Alexi was interested to hear last year that Lizzie and Conor were setting up Disconnected to publish some high quality comics anthologies - and he was delighted when he was invited to pitch for their second Disconnected book. The theme (things askew in small town settings) was so intriguing but so hard to pin down that it took a lot of thought for Alexi to come up with a story he was happy with, but eventually he managed 'Plans', a story of aspirations and regrets and the contrasts between the dreams of youth and the realities of ageing.

Disconnected Vol. 2 will be out at Thought Bubble and you can read a little bit about Alexi and Nadine and the story and the book by clicking this link.