30 November 2012

Disconnected Thought

Alexi Conman was at Thought Bubble 2012. As usual it was far too big and amzing for his tiny brain to comprehend.

He thought the 2000AD panel was good, you can listen to it here.

He thought the British Comic Awards were good. Read more here. Alexi hopes they will grow and prosper in the years to come.

Also, Alexi was very pleased to see his latest work in print in a quality new anthology. Disconnected Vol. 2 from Disconnected Press sees Alexi teamed up with the brilliant Nadine Ashworth for 'Plans', a quiet story of aspirations and regrets and the contrasts between the dreams of youth and the realities of ageing.

Alexi is pleased to report that the book looks great and the tales featured have a real sense of being subtly off-kilter. Themed around unusual events in small towns, the book has a good range,generally veering towards darker stories, but Alexi thinks 'Plans' sits in there quite neatly.

Alexi suggests you click here to find out more aboutDisconnected Vol. 2 and here for opportunities to purchase this fine publication.